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Express staff are getting the vaccine

The Coquitlam Express Junior A Hockey Club has announced their entire operations staff have decided to go public about voluntarily getting the COVID-19 Vaccination shot when they are eligible too.

“The vaccine conversation has come up multiple times over the last few months and everyone on the staff agreed they will be getting it when they can, and we want to encourage everyone to get it when they can to” commented Express vice-president and general manager Tali Campbell “We are getting the vaccine first and foremost for the health and safety of ourselves and loved ones but also to slowly get back into some normalcy. We want to get back to seeing fans back in the building cheering the guys on.”

The Coquitlam Express are the first team in the BCHL to go public about their intentions to get the COVID-19 vaccine however many other club staff members have also indicated they will be getting the jab too.

“I drove by the Coquitlam Vaccination Site today and there was a lineup outside. It gave me chills driving by it and also gave me hope that that lineup one day will be across the street at the arena again waiting to enter for an Express game.” Campbell said.

The Express also intends to help Fraser Valley Health if possible to which Campbell said “Following our POD Season on May 9th, my staff and I will be reaching out to Fraser Valley Health and see if they need some volunteers to help. We are fighting a war here, and we need everyone’s help to conquer it.”

Everyone is encouraged to visit for more information.