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Player Awards

Most Valuable Player Clay Stevenson
Playoff MVP Massimo Rizzo & Will Margel
Most Popular Player Cooper Connell
Rookie of the Year Greg Lapointe
Unsung Hero Ethan O'Rourke & Noah De La Durantaye
Most Improved Player Cooper Connell
Player of the Game Clay Stevenson
Most Outstanding Defenseman Steven Bellini & Drew Cooper
Top Forward Josh Wildauer
Top Scorer Greg Lapointe
Community Involvement Award Josh Wildauer & Greg Lapointe
Hard Hat Adam Trotman
Hero Pat Tillman


Most Valuable Player Joshua Wildauer
Playoff MVP Troy Robillard & Chase Danol
Most Popular Player Joshua Bruce
Rookie of the Year Connor Gregga & Alex DiPaolo
Unsung Hero Jack Cameron & Troy Robillard
Most Improved Player Drew Cooper
Player of the Game Regan Kimens
Most Outstanding Defenseman Pito Walton & Jordan Schulting
Top Forward Regan Kimens
Top Scorer Regan Kimens
Community Involvement Award Chase Danol
Hard Hat Troy Robillard & Christian Sanda
Hero Kolby Matthews
Most Valuable Player Eric Linell & Brock Hamm
Playoff MVP Christian Sanda & Josh Wildauer
Most Popular Player Joshua Bruce
Rookie of the Year Joshua Wildauer
Unsung Hero Landon Fuller
Most Improved Player Jordan Schulting
Player of the Game Eric Linell
Most Outstanding Defenseman Troy Robillard
Top Forward Eric Linell
Top Scorer Eric Linell
Community Involvement Award William Lawrence
Most Valuable Player Reid Cooper & Lawson Fenton
Most Popular Player Keegan Jones
Rookie of the Year Sam Kozlowski & Reid Cooper
Unsung Hero Cameron Bertsch
Most Improved Player Devon Mussio
Player of the Game Reid Cooper
Most Outstanding Defenseman Jake Brien & David Giunta
Top Forward Owen Stout & Alex Ambrosio
Top Scorer Luca Leone
Community Involvement Award Cameron Bertsch & Keegan Jones
Most Valuable Player Jackson Cressey
Most Popular Player Jackson Cressey
Rookie of the Year Austin McIlmurray
Unsung Hero Mat Michie & Jack Surowiec
Most Improved Player Cameron Bertsch
Player of the Game Jackson Cressey
Most Outstanding Defenseman Taylor Green
Top Forward Jackson Cressey & Colton Kerfoot
Top Scorer Colton Kerfoot
Community Involvement Award Jackson Cressey, Cameron Bertsch, & Jonathan Irving
Most Valuable Player Corey Mackin
Most Popular Player Joey Santucci
Rookie of the Year Brett Supinski
Unsung Hero Brendan Lamont
Most Improved Player Jackson Cressey & Noah Turanski
Player of the Game Corey Mackin
Most Outstanding Defenseman Daniel Fritz
Top Forward Corey Mackin & Brett Supinski
Top Scorer Corey Mackin
Community Involvement Award Joey Santucci & Jackson Cressey
Most Valuable Player Ryan Rosenthal & Marc Biega
Most Popular Player Canon Pieper
Rookie of the Year Corey Mackin
Unsung Hero Cameron Marks
Most Improved Player Jackson Cressey & Pierce Dushenko
Player of the Game Canon Pieper
Most Outstanding Defenseman Marc Biega
Top Forward Ryan Rosenthal & Adam Rockwood
Top Scorer Adam Rockwood
Community Involvement Award Joey Santucci
Most Valuable Player Cole Huggins
Most Popular Player Malcolm McKinney
Rookie of the Year Adam Rockwood
Unsung Hero Mitch Fyffe
Most Improved Player Will Cook
Player of the Game Cole Huggins
Most Outstanding Defenseman Marc Biega
Top Forward Adam Rossignol
Top Scorer Justin Georgeson
Community Involvement Award Marc Biega & Malcolm McKinney
Most Valuable Player Alex Petan
Most Popular Player Brady Shaw
Rookie of the Year Alexander Kerfoot
Unsung Hero Malcolm McKinney
Most Improved Player Cole Huggins
Player of the Game Alex Petan
Most Outstanding Defenseman Clinton Atkinson
Top Forward John Siemer
Top Scorer Alex Petan
Community Involvement Award Jason Bird