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Junior Express Spring Hockey

Express Spring Program

For Express Spring Programs please contact General Manager, Tali Campbell at .


The Coquitlam Express Junior A Hockey Club will be hosting a
U15, U17 & U18Program team during the Spring of 2024.

Playing on the Express Spring Teams gives you an incredible opportunity to be involved in the BC Spring Hockey League (Formally known as the JSHL) where you get to play with the top prospects in BC, enhance your hockey skills, be showcased in front of scouts and BCHL Coaching staffs. This camp not only opens you up to incredible growth on and off the ice, but overall, gives you a firsthand BCHL Junior A experience. 

The BCSHL is an independent spring program organized by BC Junior A teams to give top players in their region the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of coaches and scouts from various levels of hockey. This is not sanctioned by Hockey Canada. 

Being involved with the BCSHL, you will get the full Junior A experience. Not only will you be playing in BCHL formatted games (stop time, ice-cleans, large fan base) you will travel to various locations throughout BC to play 3 games over that weekend against other BCSHL teams. 


We are looking for: Staff:
  • 2009-2010 born players for our U-15 Team
  • 2007-2008 born players for our U-17 Team
  • 2006 – 2007 born players for our U-18 Team
  • General Manager, Tali Campbell
  • Head Coach, U18 Program – Patrick Sexton & Jeff Wagner
  • Head Coach, U17 Program – Brandon Cox & Jeff Wanger
  • Head Coach, U15 Program – Andy Hellweger
Proposed Schedule:
  • TBD



The Coquitlam Express Spring League program provides the following:

The opportunity to: Additionally:
      • be Coached and Mentored by the top Coaches in the BCHL
      • gain a deeper understanding of Jr. A hockey and the expectations and demands of playing at the BCHL level
      • be seen by BCHL Coaches and Scouts
      • play in 12 Full length games, 3 games per showcase
      • play in BCHL simulated games
      • travel across BC to Showcase weekends (once approved by the PHO)
      • be showcased on the League Website which displays: 
        • Full Player and Team Stats
        • Standings
        • Player Profiles
      • 15 hours of development ice
      • 15 hours of dry land training
      • Coquitlam Express Spring uniform which includes:
        • Express workout shirt
        • workout shorts
        • t-shirt
        • hoodie
*All to be seen by Coaches and Scouts associated with the BCHL, NCAA, NHL. 


What we cover in Elite Player Development:

Skill is imperative in today’s modern game We create optimal professional level drills to enhance each player’s skillset, by creating game-like situations and fundamentals that need to be taught. 

We will isolate weakness in a player’s game and provide the proper techniques, movements and thought processes that are needed in order to make the jump to the next level.

We will teach player’s how to execute drills at the highest pace, while doing it the safest way possible. If we can provide safer ways to escape from a hit, and make a play, then it may tack on years to the players playing career.

We will train elite game skills such as deking/deception movements, maximize stride, elite stick skills, and help simplify game reaction and decision-making.

Learn the right mindset to play elite hockey.

What are our Goals and Objectives?
The Coquitlam Express U18-U16 Elite Hockey Teams provide players with an opportunity to achieve their own goals while being part of a historic Junior A Hockey program. 



      • identify talented young hockey players and assess their inherent abilities and potential for future development and success.
      • contact the coaches and parents of these players with an eye toward becoming involved in their future development.
      • work to inform parents and players of the available options for future development, so they can make informed decisions regarding the serious pursuit of the player’s training and opportunities.
      • incorporate on-ice training to identify players’ strengths and weaknesses with the goal of enhancing his skills development and remedying any deficiencies.
      • enhance early preparation of skills and abilities that will be needed for a higher level of competition for more years in the future.
      • identify and work on deficiencies in skill factors that can be determined through interaction with our coaches.
      • identify deficiencies in training and health/nutrition that can be remedied by education and, if necessary, expert intervention.
      • make sure these deficiencies are discussed with both the athlete and the parent for remedial work.
      • enhance the flow of information and educational opportunities to players and their parents to help improve and focus player training.
      • assist the player and family in the development of these young athletes through enhanced access to the best authorities available, in addition to other training and performance opportunities.
      • serve as a “fast track” for talented hockey players from the early years of training so they are prepared to advance through the junior/college/pro and international levels. 


Contact Information: 

To take advantage of all the opportunities the BCSHL brings, please fill out our online application form.



*If you have any questions, please contact Express General Manager Tali Campbell at