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Junior A hockey team and Neuro-clinic integrate the importance of brain health & performance in young, high performing athletes.

COQUITLAM— The Coquitlam Express, Junior A Hockey Team (BCHL), announced today their partnership with the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic, a team on the frontlines of cognitive health and optimization.

The BCHL has stressed the magnitude of concussions in young athletes in recent years and The Express’ partnership with Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic is another step in the right direction for ensuring our athletes’ cognitive health is a top priority.

Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic has developed a ‘Brain and Body Performance Optimization Program’ that is designed to help athletes at all levels improve their mental and physical performance in sport by using evidence-based, cutting edge technologies to assess their level of function, then develop customized programs to enhance the synergy between the mind and body. This partnership was an optimal next step, building on the BCHL’s partnership with HeadCheck Health in August of 2017 to emphasize the importance of brain health.

“The BBPO program also allows athletes to have access to our specialized multidisciplinary team for rehabilitation in the event of a concussion or performance deficits as a result of multiple sub-concussive events. The data that we collect during the pre-season portion of the program allows us to have comprehensive reference data to assist our clinical team in making a safe recommendation for return-to-play, to help athletes return to play in a safe manner.” – Mathieu Gagnon, Developer of the Brain and Body Performance Optimization Program

“We are excited to be working with SNPC to make sure mental performance and concussion prevention and treatment is a priority of ours for our players. Our mission with our team is to provide the best possible experience for our players and this addition is just going to make sure our players have the best care on and off the ice.” – Tali Campbell, Vice President & General Manager of Coquitlam Express

“Leading by example, the Coquitlam Express are pioneering critically important advances in mental performance and concussion prevention, evaluation, and treatment. The Express prioritized that they want to ensure their athletes leave the organization with not only healthy brains, but sharper minds. We are so excited to help in such a vital mission.” – Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, Neuroscientist

Concussion safety and prevention needs to be a focus in contact sports, especially amongst our young athletes. The Coquitlam Express & the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic are excited to further that level of focus with this partnership.

The Coquitlam Express’ mission is to provide an opportunity for players to strive towards their goals and gain opportunities to pursue playing hockey at a higher level. We pride ourselves in helping players obtain NCAA scholarships and we have a long track record of success in helping players play hockey while obtaining an education. We provide our players with all of the necessities to become better players, better people and assistance in chasing their dreams.